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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

You know, as a mom-of-three and a business owner, I don’t spend much time focusing on me. Most days I’m busy forgetting my coffee in the microwave for the third reheat, or playing “Guess This Liquid?” with stains on my clothes or puddles I’ve stepped in. So when a friend pointed out that my website lacked information about me, I realized she was right.

We all love a good listicle, so I figured this was an easy way to make short work of sharing about myself! So, here are 5 things you might not know about the Amanda Lessner of Amanda Lessner Photography:

1. I used to be a teacher. Back at 18 years old, when it was time to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I decided to merge the two things I’d always loved: kids and being bossy. So I now hold a bachelor’s degree in education and early childhood and a master’s degree in educational psychology. I taught Head Start Preschool in Oklahoma for one year, and then taught 2nd grade in Hawaii for 3 years. All the while, I was pursuing photography on the side. Eventually, I realized that what I loved about teaching were the kids, but not the teaching part. So, I decided to make my photography business my only business and it’s been my solo gig since 2013.

2. I met my husband at 14. Yep! And not like, “we were neighbors and started dating years later.” No, he asked me out by my high school locker at 14 years old. We’ve been together ever since (except for that one year we don’t talk about when he left for college). We’ve now been married for ten years (together for 18) and have three amazing boys!

3. I’m an introvert. Well, let’s say a “social introvert”. I love meeting and talking to new people, but I definitely love my alone time and choose it over large groups of people any day. I hate my cell phone and rarely even know where it is (probably the reason I’m the worst texter on the planet!). After my kids go to bed, you can either find me chilling at my computer with my 100th cup of coffee for the day, or running to Target for long romantic walks down each aisle by myself!

4. I’m a twin mom. I have fraternal twin boys named John and George who are 10 months old and testing the structural integrity of every gate we’ve put in their path. I also have a sweet 5-year-old, William who recently started school and is testing all the patience of his kindergarten teacher.

5. Halloween is my jam. Not necessarily the holiday itself, but the costumes. I love to go all out for my son’s costumes. And they have to be hand made. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Oh, she’s one of those Pinterest Moms…”  Haha! In every other area, no. But in this area, yes. I crush it with costumes, you guys:

 CostumeCollageSo, now you know a little bit more about the lady behind the camera here at ALP. If you need me, I’ll be over here drinking all the coffee and prepping for Halloween!




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